Backwoods Log Homes

Backwoods Log Homes specializes in handcrafted log homes. We are located four miles north of Somerset, Wisconsin on Highway H.

Every log home we build is custom designed to fit the the home owner's wants and needs.

Homes are built at our logyard, taken down, and re-erected at the homeowners chosen site.

Handcrafted Log Homes


Full Scribe

Full scribe log homes offer the tightest fit and best insulation value of all the hand-crafted styles. Each round of logs is scribed to fit the contours of previous round. This creates very tight seems that do not require chinking. Full scribe log construction is the gold standard for log homes, and is a great choice for a permanent home in any location.

Chink Style

Chink style log homes are a more economical alternative to full scribe log homes, and are ideal for weekend and lake cabins. Each round of logs is notched to fit over the previous round. However, unlike full scribe log homes, the lateral, or length, of the log is not scribed to fit tightly. The resulting gaps are filled with chinking. This is a very good option if it is not economically feasible for you to purchase a full scribe log home.

Piece on Piece

Piece on piece log homes melds post and beam, and log construction. Mortise and tenon joinery is used to stack log walls between the posts. Both full scribe or chink style log construction can be used on piece on piece building.

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